Kyla Ernst-Alper

Where I'm From

I was born in New York, moved to Brattleboro, VT at 2, and then right after my 16th birthday I moved to New York City to join Eliot Feld's contemporary dance company Ballet Tech.

My Dance Training

I began dancing in creative movement classes with Jane LoMonaco when I was three and throughout my training in Vermont I was mentored by Dana Holby. I performed with Patricia Wilson's multi-generational dance company Zia Dance. I attended The Shirley Rock School of The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Juilliard School Summer Program, and The Ballet Tech School, where I trained with Christine Sarry, Daniel Levans, Richard Thomas, and Patrice Hemsworth.

My Dance Experience

After dancing for Ballet Tech for 4 years I went on to work with numerous dance companies, including C. Eule Dance, Elisa Monte Dance, Battery Dance Company, Dzul Dance, and White Wave Dance Company. I briefly quit dancing and began training in martial arts and I am currently a second degree black belt in Shao Lin Kung Fu. I perform aerial and contortion, and I also dance with singers, bands, and alt-performance groups including pop singer Kat Solar and dream-thrash band Huff This! I choreograph and produce dance and aerial dance videos. My choreography has appeared in the MuseIam, CoolNY Dance Festival, and Guerilla Gallery.

Other Work Experience

television producer

video editor

multi-media artist



Music I Warm Up To


A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing on a Tour

The Dead Sea with Battery Dance Company

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack


Worst Dance-Related Injury

I dislocated my cuboid - a bone in the foot - during a rehearsal in London. After a doctor popped the bone back into place I performed, flew to France for some more performances, flew back to NYC where we did a company photo shoot, and then, barely able to walk, I went to a doctor. The tendons, ligaments, and muscles surrounding that bone were so inflamed that he told me to stay off of it a few weeks, and I spent a long time in physical therapy afterwards.
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