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Where I'm From

I am originally from NYC by way of Chicago/Evanston, I've lived in New York City for the majority of my life now but I usually refer to Chi-town as home.


My Dance Training

I've trained with Gus Giordano, River North, Hubbard Street, Joel Hall, Kirby Reed all in Chicago and here in NYC Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway particularly with Janna Hicks and Val Suarez. I moved back to New York right out of high school to go to the conservatory program with Ailey. I also was fortunate enough to receive one of the best pep talks of my life from Judith Jaimeson and that will stay with me forever I am sure.


My Dance Experience

Joel Hall, Kirby Reed, Rover North's Frank Chavez, The Ailey Program, Colette Brandenburg, Janna Hicks, The Impulse Initiative


Other Work Experience

Bike shop (sales, mechanic), Retail, Work studies, Hostess, Barista, Waitress, Bartender, Store manager, Personal assistant, the original personal trainer and program designer for Mudderella, Running coach, Group fitness instructor, Ballet teacher


Music I Warm Up To

sometimes I don't listen to anything and just want quiet so I can breathe and try to relax, but other times, depending on the style of performance I might listen to music that may make me emotional or get me pumped up. Anything that feels right in the moment.


Favorite Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

Apples and almond butter!

Why I Dance

I dance because it's what I know best yet it still challenges me in all of its facets. I dance because it is the best and most satisfying way to let go or try to let go, or find a deeper understanding of what you feel or am trying to feel. I dance as an escape and as a coming home. I dance to reinvent myself while still being myself. I dance to share in a feeling and to communicate without having to use the cumbersome and often misunderstood nature of words. I dance because I think it is as close to a tangible feeling of shared energy both in an ensemble and with an audience as one can get.


Other Talents/Interests

I love fitness and movement in all varieties, so I run and do a lot of races and obstacle courses, not sure if that's a hobby or just the other extension of my life. I love to cook and be creative in general paint, draw, craft. Travel, adventure.






Miriam Wasmund

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