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Where I'm From

Diamond Bar, CA, about 30min East of Los Angelos

My Dance Training

I grew as a dance competition kid learning all styles of dance. I trained and competed with Dellos Dance & Performing Arts and Just Plain Dancin'. I received a B.A. in Dance at California State University of Fullerton.


My Dance Experience

Mike Esperanza/Bare Dance Company, Edisa Weeks/Delirious Dances, Sumi Clements/Summation Dance, Awakening Movement, Brice Mousset/Oui Danse, Patrick Corbin/CorbinDances, Organic Magnetics, Entity Ultra Contemporary, Mosaic's Urban Poets


Other Work Experience

Babysitting, flash mobs, entertainment agencies for parties & bar mitzvahs, dog walking, cat sitting, TaskRabbit to name a few...

Awards & Honors

As a competition dance kid, I was titled Miss Asian American Teen 2005 & Rainbow Dancer of the Year 2008.


Worst Dance Related Injury

I've had a few injuries but the most significant is my back injury. I have a condition called spondylolisthesis, which is a fractured L5 vertebrae with some slippage. The first time I was injured I resumed dancing fine. In 2011, I aggravated my back again and this time doctors told me to stop dancing, when I was almost done with my college degree. As a person of faith, I believed that the dream inside of me was bigger and that God would help me in my pursuit of dancing professionally. After a year of intensive physical therapy and retraining the way I dance, I graduated from college and have danced three years professionally in NYC :) 


What I Love About Dance

I love that it is a remarkable journey every step of the way from creating, learning, collaborating, exploring, performing and being all at once. It's a beautiful thing.


The Hardest Part of Being a Dancer

The hardest part about being dancer is managing myself and my time. I constantly have to listen to what my body needs and how to care for myself with discipline. I also need to manage my time well through other part time work while balancing a dance career. I believe every opportunity, dance or not, helps me to become a better person.


Music I Warm Up To

Anything with a good beat is my go to and that usually results to an electronic or hip-hop album I'm feeling for that season. For awhile, Frank Bretschneider's "rhythm" was my go to warm up album.


Best Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

COFFEE (especially from Everyman Espresso) or homemade juice.

Devin Oshiro

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