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Who We Are

Bruk up dancers Pop Zombie, LB, Fatboy, Poba, Rain, Melo Stacks, Major, GHOST, and manager Shiz Hustle


interview with GHOST:

Where I'm From

Brooklyn, NY

My Dance Training

I was into Michael Jackson - I used to do a lot of Michael Jackson impersonations as a kid. Bruk up dancing came into play, it was very popular at the time... I was in 6th grade going into junior high school.

And what happened was that, being that it was so much of a craze, and every artist was picking it up, it influenced me to change directions with where I was going with dancing.

At the time my cousin was really popular dancing and going to parties, and I was always there - they knew of me too, but he was always the center of attention at the parties - and it made me want to learn.

I incorporated my love for glides and Michael Jackson type of stuff and applied it to the whole dance hall format… so that's how I started to create my own style.

What I Eat Before/After Dancing

I eat a lot of food, different types of food, not a lot of greasy stuff. I’m lean but I eat a lot…


Music I Listen To Before A Show

It depends. If it’s a performance, more likely I’ve probably been listening to the song a lot… just making it become a part of my bloodstream, making it like muscle memory, but for the ears. The music becomes so natural to you, and it's like putting yourself through the same exercise every day.You hear the same song, to the point where even when you’re about to perform, if you’re not completely connected with what you’re about to do, the music will connect you.


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Bed-Stuy Veterans

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