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Where I'm From

Auburn, NY


Where I've Lived

Winston-Salem, NC; Miami, FL; Brooklyn, NY

My Dance Training

I first started dancing when I was 16 under Sean McLeod and the New York Institute of Dance and Education in my hometown. I later attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for college and graduated with a BFA in Contemporary Dance in 2009.


My Dance Experience

I have had the great pleasure of working with some very interesting groups and companies over the past few years. When I was living in Miami, Fl I worked with Brazz Dance Theater, Ivonne Batanero, and Karen Peterson and Dancers, a company of dance artists with and without disabilities. NYC has found me performing with ANAHATA Dance Co., Rainwater Dances, the Mari Meade Dance Collective, and Amanda Hinchey and Dancers. I also create my own dances with friend and long time collaborator, Kjerstin Lysne. 



Other Work Experience


Where do I even begin? Currently my hats read: dance teacher, nanny, singer, actress, figure model, Big Sister with BBSA, and if you ask veryyyy nicely I might play my trumpet for you or strum some chords on my Uke, both of which have made their way on stage with me over the past few years.




Method For Treating Body Soreness

Hot shower, Aleve, and REST (if I can get it). Otherwise, alternate bitching/laughing. 

Other Passions & Interests

I feel very passionate about trying to make time for friends outside of rehearsals and shows, and brunch. If those two things can happen at the same time then I am in all my glory. Not to brag, but I am part of a very exclusive brunch club.

Why do you dance?

I love it. It feels good, even when it feels bad.

What do you love about dancing?

Community. Collaboration. Communication. 

What is the hardest part of being a dancer?

Actually getting to dance! 




Dia Dearstyne

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