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Where I'm From

I grew up in Argentina

My Dance Training

In San Juan, Argentina with Monica Sevilla, Beatriz and Mariela Gonzalez, Alejandra Lloveras y Celina Castro, Maria Ines Perez Olivera. In Houston, Texas with William (Bill) Martin Viscount. In Buenos Aires, Argentina by Estela Erman, Enrique Lommi, Olga Ferri. In Dreux, France with Georges Piletta. In Saint Germain en Laye with Joseph Lazzini.
Nancy, France with Gerard Claudel and Noriko Kubota.

I received a "Silver Medal" at a ballet competition in Uruguaiana, Brazil, and "Médaille de Vermeil" du Conservatoire National de Nancy, in France in 1997.

My Dance Experience

I worked for Ballet National de Nancy under Artistic Director Pierre Lacotte in France before moving to NYC.

Choreographers I've worked with include: Jorma Uotinen, Patricia Neary, Kenny Larson, Caron Eule, Abel Costa, Erin Hunter, Amanda Selwyn, Douglas Dunn, Christopher Caines, Open Project Cornelius Brown, Edgar Peterson, Aaron Atkins.

Other Work Experience

sales, bartender, waitress, event planner, PR.
Most recently choreographer, co-founder and co-producer of
Encounters. Dance. Inspired.

Music I Warm Up To

Radiohead or Muse

My Favorite Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

ritz crackers

Method For Treating Body Soreness

I sleep as much as possible... Take salt baths...

A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing on a Tour
yes! Rio de Janeiro! So much fun!

A Dance-Related Injury
I had a sprained ankle when I was 16 and it took me 6 months to fully recover.

Other Passions & Interests
I love to create my own art from everything around me. Make a dance, take photos, make costumes, make jewelry, sketch, draw, paint...

Why do you dance?
I dance because I have to! Is something I have to do...

What do you love about dancing?
What I love about dancing is that I'm just in the moment.

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?
The hardest part of being a dancer for me is that it is a constant challenge between mind, body and heart. It is extremely pleasant to be in tune with it all, but trying to make a living financially is something we dancers struggle with...

Gisela Quinteros

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