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Where I'm From

Just outside of Chicago, in Oak Park, Illinois. A happy family with two sisters, two parents, a dog, and a cat.

My Dance Training

I was in summer and afterschool musical theater and dance performances in elementary and middle school before I started any serious training, but then started dance classes at Lou Conte Dance Studio and The Academy of Movement and Music. All of my teachers were great to me, but Stephanie Clemens went out of her way to provide opportunities and make sure I was constantly improving.

My Dance Experience

alexanDance, Artichoke Dance, Barkin Selissen Project, Chavasse Dance & Performance, danceTactics, Peter Sparling Dance Company, Sarah Konner/ Austin Selden and Dancers

Other Work Experience

Software Developer, Adjunct Instructor, Curriculum developer, Retail Associate, Engineering manager, Research assistant, Tutor


Other Passions & Interests

Well, besides my other life writing and teaching code, I love to bike (road, touring, and mountain), play with electronics, and make hot sauce. And eat. A lot.


A Cool Place I've Traveled for Dance

I was part of a residency in Southern Italy where we rehearsed and lived in an old, giant, abandoned hospital. We then got to perform in an old opera house, which had a house that was taller than it was deep, and a stage that felt like it had a rake on a 45 degree angle.  


What I Warm Up To

99% Invisible podcast


Why I Dance

I like challenging myself both creatively and physically. Dance is a great way to do that - I love the feeling of getting into the zone. Partnering is fantastic as well; having physical contact with another person in a non-romantic but intensely concentrated way is something you don't get to experience sitting in front of a computer all day. 


The Hardest Part of Being a Dancer

The low demand. Unless you're one of the top companies, most of the attendees tend to be people you know, which is fine, but not sustainable.


My Favorite Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

Trail mix. The M&M kind, obviously. 

Aidan Feldman

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