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Where I'm From

Winchester, Massachusetts

My Dance Training

While in Winchester I apprenticed with Lorraine Chapman the Company and performed throughout the Boston area.  I attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts to study contemporary dance and received my BFA in 2009.

My Dance Experience

Over the past summers I performed choreography by Stephen Koplowitz at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston and at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival with Lorraine Chapman the Company. I have danced with Mari Meade Dance Collective and Amalgamate Dance Company, H.T Chen & Dancers and WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company. I am one of the recipients of William R. Kenan Fellowship at Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education, and my choreography has been presented at Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, Dumbo Dance Festival, CoolNY Dance Festival, The Outlet Dance Project, Green Space Studios, the Amalgamate Artist Series, and the Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center.

A Memorable Experience I Had While Traveling For Dance

When I was on tour this past summer in South Korea, I had some downtime before a show and went for a walk with a friend around the area that the theater was located. We wound up wandering into the courtyard of a several hundred year-old Confucius school (founded in 1492), which was comprised of a cluster of beautiful traditional Korean-style buildings. We even got an impromptu tour of the grounds by one of the school's employees who saw us wandering around, and he explained a lot of the history behind the school (like how one of it's buildings is pictured on the Korean equivalent of the dollar). As a souvenir, our tour guide gave me a scroll of calligraphy that was done by one of the school's students. The whole episode was incredibly surreal, it felt like we wandered out of our high-tech theater and into a completely different period of history, and then wandered back out again for our performance which was a few hours later. I still keep a Korean dollar bill in my wallet as a reminder of the experience.

Amanda Hinchey

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