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Where I'm From

Chicago, IL

My Dance Training

Chicago House  Scene, Gus Giordano, NYU, Movement Research, Dance Space (Most Recently Known as DNA now Gibney), University of Washington, Ralph Lemon, Shelly Senter, Los Angeles Hip Hop & Street Dance Scene (Breaking, Locking, Popping)

My Dance Experience

Fatima (commercial), Michael Rooney (commercial), David Rousseve, Jaque Heim Diavolo Dance Theatre, Bill Evans, Rosanna Gamson, Heidi Duckler, KT Niehoff, Maureen Whiting


Awards & Honors

Lester Horton Innovator Award in Choreography

NAACP Award for Best Stage Choreography

New York Musical Festival Award for Excellence in Direction and Choreography


A Cool Place I've Traveled for Dance

I visited Dublin, Ireland to teach a workshop two years in a row.  We got to drive down to the location where they filmed Braveheart which was magnificent.


Other Passions & Interests

writing, photography, painting, acting, movies, movies, movies, travel,

wandering / walking


The Hardest Part About Being a Dancer

The lifestyle overtime can become exhausting if one is trying to make a decent living by working multiple gigs to survive while trying to maintain yourself at the highest level as a performing artist.


My Favorite Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

Almond butter sandwich, banana & yogurt.


Hassan Christopher

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