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Where I'm From

Seoul, Korea

My Dance Training

I studied dance at Kook Min University, Vienna Impulstanz, and with Ted Stoffer.

My Dance Experience

I performed with TES Dance Company in Korea. I currently perform with WHITE WAVE Young Soon Kim Dance Company and Sunhwa Chung/ Ko-Ryo Dance Theater in New York City. My choreography has appeared in the CoolNY Dance festival.

Other Work Experience

sandwich shop owner

acupuncturist assistant

architecture design

Other Talents & Interests

I studied architecture design in Korea and then discovered my love for dance. My hobby is bowling.

Favorite Pre/Post Rehearsal Snack

coffee, coke, watermelon 

Method For Treating Sore Muscles

if my muscles are sore from dancing, the only way to fix that is to keep dancing! 

Ju Hwan Hwang

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