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We are striving to build a broader community around dance & dancers through minute-long videos, engaging content, and interactive performance experiences.


Video Series: Under One: A Collection of Dances


Our minute-long videos feature professional dancers in their community, dancing. Get to know the dancers on their individual pages, where you can read interviews, connect with them on social media, and find out about their latest projects.


Our remix project encourages musicians, visual artists, and special effects artists to add their own twist to an original UnderOneDances video.



Live Performances: UnderOneDances


Our live performances are designed to entertain and engage both the dance connisseur and the person who is wary of attending a dance performance because they "just don't get it".

With our interactive live performance project #TweetDance, dancers transform tweets and prompts into minute-long dances on the spot.  learn more...



UnderOneDances - In The News

Brattleboro Reformer feature article by Jon Potter


Garrett Buhl Robinson's feature in "Ask A New Yorker"​


#TweetDance in Hyperallergic


#TweetDance with Andrew Ramos on WPIX11



We're continuously making videos and producing live interactive performances like #TweetDance and The Process. Our goal is to expand all elements of Under One Dances to places beyond New York City. We pay the dancers who we work with for their work. A significant amount of production, postproduction, and marketing/PR services are donated.


Your continued support makes Under One Dances possible! You can donate to us through Fractured Atlas​.


Under One Dances was founded by producer/dancer Kyla Ernst-Alper in December 2013.


Under One is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Under One must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Under One is Supported By:

Joe Arcidiacono

Joe Berkowitz

Penny & John Boyd

Cyndy Boyd

Jacqueline Grennon Brooks

Michael Choi

Hassan Christopher / R I A C T O R

Kathy Ernst & Larry Alper

Molly Ernst-Alper

Mike Errico

Christian Eusebio

Meghan Fitzgerald

Nicole Francis

Steve Gomer

Joelle Gruber

Gayle Haerling

Thomas Hudak

Inception To Exhibition

Jessica Harris

Katie Hawthorne

Dina Helal

Jill Hornstein

Judi Huck

David Hyerle

Kevin Keller

Kristen Kendrick

Amanda Kirkpatrick

Michael Knoblauch

Shirley Kawamoto

Chad J. Latham

Jon Li

Tad Low

Gemma Mangione

Ellen McCrum

Tiga McLoyd

Erin Morin

Gitanjali Dadlani Morris

Alrick Nelson

Sandra Oneill

Jane Paley

Doug Post

Andrew Pray

Mendel Rabinovitch

Loretta Rae

Marissa Schaeffer

Michele Schaeffer

Sue Schneider

Umesh Shankar

Jackie Scheiber

Anna Schumacher

Michael & Jill Scott

Daniel Scott

David Scott

Jennifer Slater

Sanjin Somo

Barry Steele

Laurie Stricks

Arie Toporovsky

Eileen Twynham

USA Projects

Lillian Vince

Alex Weinberg


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