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UnderOneDances: in transit

Directed & Produced by Kyla Ernst-Alper and Maxx Passion


Performances by Hassan Christopher, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Aidan Feldman, Devin Oshiro, Maxx Passion, Edgar Peterson, Vanessa Salgado, Miriam Wasmund


A transmedia piece featuring short screen-dances that capture professional dancers as they travel through the public transit system of New York City. After and during the installation, the audience is invited to read interviews with the dancers on the project website in order to learn more about their lives in NYC. A soundscape voiced by the dancers and underscored by the vibrations of the MTA accompanies the collection of danced vignettes.



We are thrilled to be a part of the New York Transit Museum's PLATFORM!

An exciting series of cross-discpliary programs created in, around, and with transit

UnderOneDances: in transit

Kyla Ernst-Alper and Maxx Passion are new media producers and professional dancers who aim to bring dance to the masses through their collaborative, often interactive projects that use live performance and digital technology. Kyla began her professional career at the age of 16 with Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech, and is currently co-owner of Brooklyn AirSpace, a dance and circus training facility.  Maxx received a Fellowship to the the University of Michigan where she recieved a Master's of Fine Arts. She presented her paper Social Media! as a new paradigm for dance making at the Society of Dance History Scholars conference in Trondheim, Norway. Their work together has been featured at the Figment Arts Festival, Governors Island Art Fair, and The BEAT festival among other venues. 

Want more info about the in transit  dancers? Follow the photo links to read interviews and watch their video again (and again, and again!)

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