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Where I'm From

I spent my childhood in NYC and Michigan. 

Where I've Lived

I've spent time living in Beijing, Montreal, and several years in Seattle. 

My Dance Training

I tried to get over my paralyzing fear of dancing several times in college. Eventually I found popping and locking in Seattle with the Kaku brothers. From there it has been a mix of mimicking dancers I admire and absurd YouTube videos.

Other Work Experience

Circus arts coach, circus artist, personal trainer, model, operations consultant, ninja (seriously) 

Method For Treating Body Soreness

Traumeel, foam roller, lacrosse ball, hot/cold shower, and pulling in a friend to massage me.

A Dance Injury

In locking (old school funk dancing), there's a move called the knee drop. Under ideal circumstances, you would be wearing thick knee pads and had warmed up fully. The music was moving to get funky, the space was freezing cold, and I did not have my knee pads on. After a few knee drops, my knees went "snap, crackle, and pop". I tore my meniscus. 

Other Passions & Interests

I'm in love with the circus. I also love teaching guys that are scared about dancing at parties/clubs how to look and feel good dancing.

A Cool Place I Visited While Traveling For Dance

I spent a couple of months traveling through Europe to visit funk dancing communities. Paris was easily the most magical. While sitting on the steps of a building, a crowd of about twenty 1920's dressed people came together in formation and put on an impromptu popping and locking routine.

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

Cliff Bar's Builder bars.

Music I Warm Up To

Lots of funky and soulful music. Anything that gets me going, "mmMMmm!" deep down in my gut. 

Why do you dance?

It's an emotional and spiritual release. Each song taps into a facet of my personality that I can then release through my body, all without saying a word. In sum, it's ridiculously fun. 


What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

Limiting beliefs about not considering myself a "real" dancer for numerous absurd reasons. 

Ben Weston 

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