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Where I Grew Up

Assorted places in NJ. Moved to NYC at 16. Became an adult when I moved out of the country to Holland at 18.

Where I Live

I currently live in India where I am part of a project with 6 other female international artists who will put together a performance that is focusing on women's awareness over the course of next two months, and then tour India for the month of June.

My Dance Training

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Anton Bruckner universitat in Linz Austria. I completed two years at Codarts/ Rotterdam Dance Academy in Rotterdam, NL before joining xida dance company and moving to Linz where I completed my degree.

My Dance Experience

I have worked internationally in Europe, South Africa, and Peru. As a freelancer in NYC I've worked with many artists such as Shen Wei, Loni Landon, Malcolm Low, Cleo Mack , Yin Yue dance, and many more. I have worked with the Russian theatre group Liquid Theatre after meeting them at the Jacobs Pillow choreographers lab, when they brought work to NYC at venus such as the Museum for Art and Architecture and Joyce Soho. As a choreographer my work as been shown in NYC, Detroit, Washington D.C. and Peru. I have collaborated with the group Dove Tail headed by Grammy nominated fiddler Andrea Hoag. In 2011 I was invited to join Crossings in South Africa, an international platform for dance, composition, and light design. Last year I spent the majority of the year working in Peru on a collaboration for  "Las sacerdotistas de Machu Picchu" - a performance that took place in Aguas Calientes right outside of Machu Picchu. I am researching and structuring a  five year goal that will lead to a degree in science, where I plan to concentrate working in the field of alternative medicine for neurological diseases through dance/movement and nutrition.

Other Work Experience

Model. Bartender. Dance Instructor. ESL tutor. Receptionist.

Method For Treating Body Soreness

Tiger balm is my perfume

A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing on a Tour

I got to go shark diving when I was in South Africa...

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee? Except now, in India, I drink one very very weak instant cup of coffee a day. So now it's more like chai, chai, and more chai... I love warm drinks.




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Carson Reiners

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