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Where I'm From

Lincoln, Nebraska

Where I've Lived

A semester in Paris, a couple of summers in Minneapolis/St. Paul, three of five boroughs in New York City.

My Dance Training

I grew up in my hometown studio, the Hart Dance Academy. When I moved to New York, I majored in dance at Columbia University. I now train capoeira with Instrutor Mucuiú at the Arte Capoeira Center.

My Dance Experience

Joanna Dee, Devika Wickremesinghe, Molly Brush, Elisa Davis, Tze Chun Dance Company, Meghan Frederick / Difficult Dance, Arte Capoeira Center

Other Work Experience

waitress, intern, stage and production manager, programming apprentice, program coordinator for an arts consulting firm.

my current job: Education Department Manager at the Whitney Museum.

A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing on a Tour

I toured China in 2010 with the Tze Chun Dance Company. Visiting the country was amazing and it was especially fascinating to see what themes and movement Chinese modern dance companies were exploring. Performing at the World Expo in Shanghai was bizarre and invigorating - my dancing is now living on some thousands of cameras in rural China.

I've been lucky to have traveled to Brazil a few times. Training and playing capoeira there is magical.

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

Chocolate-covered almonds.

Method For Treating Sore Muscles
Massage and stretching. Foam roller, tennis balls, the floor, the wall, a doorframe.

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

For me, not having time to dance. Working full-time means limited class time and few opportunities for rehearsal and performance.

What do you love about dancing?
The meditation that comes through dancing. The freedom. Communication via alternate languages.​​

Why do you dance?

I don't know how not to.​​



Eileen Farrell

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