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Where I'm From

I grew up in Brooklyn...East NY and Brownsville specifically.

My Dance Training

I grew up watching "Flex-n-Brooklyn", a little dance show that used to come on a channel called b-cat. I also went to school with dancer Storyboard P and he would mentor me with different flexing techniques.

Other Work Experience

I currently work at Dollar Tree deals. I have worked at Macys, Duane Reade and Planned Parenthood.

Music I Warm Up To

I actually don't like listening to any music. I like to keep a clear state of mind before I go on stage or to battle - I feel more focused that way.

Dance-Related Injury

My first injury from dancing was a torn ligament in the knee doing dance hall.

Method For Treating Sore Muscles

One of the ways I deal way with soreness is soaking in a hot tub of water with Epson bath salt, tea tree, and peppermint
oil. I also will sleep with a heating pad and sometimes I use tiger balm for specific spots.

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

The hardest part of being a dancer right now is getting booked and being paid for what I do. It's hard because dancing is my full time thing, if I was making money off my talent I wouldn't work my other job. Dancing is my 24/7

Why do you dance?

I dance because it's a release for me. It's my comfort zone. I become someone I am not, who releases emotions
and expresses how she feels physically when she can't verbally.

Other Passions

In my spare time, I do photography and I am also into fashion. I own a bow tie company called Collar Candy.



You can catch Shellz at battles around NYC!

For more info visit her website here and check her out on Facebook


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