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Where I'm From

Montclair, NJ

My Dance Training

I started my training at Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts. I continued my studies at The Ailey School under the direction of Denise Jefferson and got a degree in dance from SUNY Purchase. My favorite teacher of all time is Kevin Wynn. I've never had a teacher push me to the limit every class.

My Dance Experience

Sidra Bell Dance NY, The Kevin Wynn Collection, Elisa Monte Dance. I'm currently in my 4th season with Abraham.In.Motion and will be a guest artist in Keigwin + Company's 10 year celebration at The Joyce Theater. So excited!

Other Work Experience

I've been a summer camp counselor during my summer breaks in college. What an

Method For Treating Body Soreness

I try to roll my muscles out, stretch and drink as much water as I can. I usually just push through it, like the soldier I pretend to be. Lol

A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing

My favorite place was Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was one of the most scenic, calming places I've had the pleasure of being. I had the pleasure of assisting Kyle Abraham in setting/creating a work for students at Perry Mansfield, which is one of the most nicest programs I've had the pleasure to be a part of in that capacity.

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

I have a few snacks I bounce between: pretzels, Reese's, or sunflower seeds.


On average, what time do you wake up & what time do you go to sleep?

I always make sure I get a solid 7 hours of sleep. I'm usually in bed/asleep by midnight and awake somewhere between 8/9 if I'm allowed the liberty to "sleep in".

Other Passions & Interests

I grew up in a musical household so I loooove music. I like to read and my favorite thing to do is write in my journal once or twice a day.

Why do you dance?

I can't see my life functioning without dance. No other art form or career ever seemed as fulfilling and enjoyable, or challenging as dance.

What do you love about dancing?

I love being able to be bigger than myself. Dance is something universal and being able to be a part of that expanse is so important. Being able to educate and share something so important to me is it's own reward. 

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

It's sometimes discouraging to think about how little artists get in return for their hard work. What we do is such a fleeting thing. Nothing we do can be reproduced and accomplish the same thing EVERY time. We can only hope that we get closer and closer to our own truth with each opportunity we hit the floor.




Chalvar Monteiro

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