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Who We Are

Jonathan Campbell & Austin Diaz founded MADboots dance co. in 2011

Where We're From

J - Dallas, Texas

A - Clifton, New Jersey

Our Dance Training

J - I trained at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and The Juilliard School. My most influential teachers were Kathy Willsey (my high school ballet teacher, who continual supports me to this day), Liz Imperio and Risa Steinberg (my Limon teacher and mentor in my final year at Juilliard).

A - I started dancing at Dance World Academy in my hometown and continued on to NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Pamela Pietro, Linda Tarnay, and Gwen Welliver were special to me while I was at NYU. Danielle Agami was also very influential when I worked with her at Springboard Danse Montreal two years ago.

Our Dance Experience

J - Professionally, I've worked with Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, Andrea Miller's Gallim Dance, Gregory Dolbashian, and currently Sidra Bell Dance New York.

A - Post-graduation from NYU, I joined Sidra Bell Dance New York, which I am still performing with. Jonathan and I collaborate for our own company MADboots dance.

Music We Warm Up To

J + A: We love Lady Gaga and pop music in general! And sometimes a good ballad really gets us centered and ready.

Method For Treating Body Soreness

J + A: It's not the most pleasant method, but the best way is to just work through it.

A Cool Place We Visited While Dancing on a Tour

J + A: This past summer, MADboots travelled to Italy and performed in 3,000 seat amphitheater. It was unreal.

Favorite Rehearsal Snack

J + A: Coffee is a must.

On average, what time do you wake up & go to sleep?
J + A: We have a new puppy, so lately she's wide awake at 6:00AM and ready to play. If we have a lot of work to do, bedtime can be ridiculous, but we try to get at least 6 hours of sleep.

Why do you dance?

J + A: In words of Lady Gaga, we we're just "born this way!"

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

J - For me, it's lack of recognition and support outside of the arts community. We work very hard and have dreams and pursuits just like everyone else.

A - There isn't a huge payoff…we're never that secure. It's a constant struggle, but it's what we love, so we keep doing it.

visit the MADboots dance co. website to see videos, photos, and to learn more about Jonathan & Austin!




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