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Where I'm From

Brooklyn, NY!

Where I've Lived

Los Angeles and the surrounding areas - Burbank, Newhall, Hollywood Hills - Santa Barbara, Brooklyn

My Dance Training

Dance Theater of Harlem, Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Theater intensive program, CALARTS

Other Work Experience

dance teacher, mother, investor, small business owner

Method For Treating Body Soreness

hot showers & stretching

A Dance Injury

I fractured my ankle in ballet class when I was 10.

Other Passions & Interests

I am passionate about connecting and supporting an artistic community for mothers in the arts.

A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing

Puerto Rico! Such an interesting island. The clear divide of money was astounding.

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

Personally I prefer to have mints and only eat after rehearsals. I feel more artistic hungry... I really don't know why.

Music I Warm Up To

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne... pretty much anyone who talks about how awesome they are!

Why do you dance?

It keeps me sane. I am not pleasant or positive without it!

What do you love about dancing?

My imagination runs free!

What's the hardest part of being a dancer?

The physical and time demand to maintain & improve skill and artistry.

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Shirel Jones

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