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Where I'm From

South Carolina

Age I Started Dancing

8 years old.

My Dance Training

A small studio Beaufort Academy of Dance for basics then South Carolina Governors School for the Arts and Humanities. SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory for College - BFA in Dance

My Dance Training

Connecticut Ballet, Charleston Ballet Theatre, Island Moving Company, Neville Dance Company, Battery Dance Company, Exit 12, Ballet INC, and many other freelance dance jobs...

At Purchase my favorite choreographers to work with were Lauri Stallings and Helen Pickett.

Other Work Experience

Dental Assistant - my step dads practice during high school/college holidays
Barista - from local coffee shops to Starbucks and Argo Tea
Waitress - from Times Square tourist traps to rock and roll clubs
Dog walker - my current job and loving it!
Dance teacher - will most likely return too doing this
Secretary - dance stores to fitness clubs

anything that gives me a flexible schedule to dance!!

Music I Warm Up To

Radiohead Idioteque

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack

Coconut water and trail mix

Worst Dance-Related Injury

Torn tendon that connects to your big toe (hallicus flexor longus??), spondyloisthesis from contracting in Graham class after a long summer break, constant tendinitis

Method For Treating Sore Muscles

I always sleep on a heating pad! Baths with Epsome salt if I have time. I try to drink a lot of water!

What do you love about dancing?

Too many reasons to list, I love how it's a never ending discovery and challenge. I always have something new to focus on, learn, or improve. Oh and of course performing!

Why do you dance?

I just love it. It's always on my mind. It's all I ever wanted to do since I went to my first dance class.

What is the hardest part of being a dancer?

As a freelance dancer the lifestyle can be rough. Long exhausting days working so I can fuel my love for dance. But I honestly couldn't picture myself doing anything else.

Other Passions

I love to paint and draw. Also fitness and nutrition fascinate me, I love going to the gym and researching ways to get stronger and healthier, also dabbling in outside sports when I can.



Chloe currently works with Aaron Atkins at Ballet Inc and Exit 12 Dance Company


Chloe Slade

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