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Where I'm From

I was born in New York, moved to Brattleboro, VT at 2, and then right after my 16th birthday I moved to New York City to join Eliot Feld's contemporary dance company Ballet Tech.

My Dance Training

I began dancing in creative movement classes with Jane LoMonaco when I was three and throughout my training in Vermont I was mentored by Dana Holby. I performed with Patricia Wilson's multi-generational dance company Zia Dance. I attended The Shirley Rock School of The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Juilliard School Summer Program, and The Ballet Tech School, where I trained with Christine Sarry, Daniel Levans, Richard Thomas, and Patrice Hemsworth.

My Dance Experience

After dancing for Ballet Tech for 4 years I went on to work with numerous dance companies, including C. Eule Dance, Elisa Monte Dance, Battery Dance Company, Dzul Dance, and White Wave Dance Company. I briefly quit dancing and began training in martial arts and I am currently a second degree black belt in Shao Lin Kung Fu. I perform aerial and contortion, and I also dance with singers, bands, and alt-performance groups including pop singer Kat Solar and dream-thrash band Huff This! I choreograph and produce dance and aerial dance videos. My choreography has appeared in The Slipper Room, the MuseIam, CoolNY Dance Festival, NYC10 Dance Festical at Dixon Place, and in the Guerilla Gallery.

Other Work Experience

television producer, video director-producer-editor, digital content producer, multi-media artist, bartender


Music I Warm Up To


A Cool Place I Visited While Dancing on a Tour

The Dead Sea with Battery Dance Company

My Favorite Rehearsal Snack


Worst Dance-Related Injury

I dislocated my cuboid - a bone in the foot - during a rehearsal in London. After a doctor popped the bone back into place I performed, flew to France for some more performances, flew back to NYC where we did a company photo shoot, and then, barely able to walk, I went to a doctor. The tendons, ligaments, and muscles surrounding that bone were so inflamed that he told me to stay off of it a few weeks, and I spent a long time in physical therapy afterwards.


Other Passions & Interests

I'm exceptionally lucky to live in a limestone in Brooklyn with some really talented people. When I have time, I blog about our neverending rennovations and adventures.



Kyla Ernst-Alper

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