Here's how it works:


People send us prompts through Twitter and add the hashtag #TweetDance or a specific event hashtag:







Incoming tweets are displayed on a projector or large screen using a program such as

Professional dancers turn the tweet prompts into minute-long dances created on the spot!





















People watch as their tweets are brough to life by the dancers.

Photos, videos, and impressions from this experience are then shared by the audience on social media:

















































































#TweetDance is fully customizable for your event!


Prior to the event, #TweetDance producers can work with your team to determine a tweet prompt theme for the evening, and will prepare a list of sample tweet prompts that will help the audience start to generate prompts. For TASTEdaily, we chose the theme "Bold Woman", and sample tweet prompts included "leaning in", "the glass ceiling", "running in heels". At XL Nightclub the theme was "Hot Summer". While a theme is not necessary, it is a great way to fully integrate #TweetDance performances into the event.




As long as the dancers can freely move, we can customize their wardrobe to be on brand for the event.




Create dance with us! #TweetDance invites the public to direct minute-long dances performed by professional dancers!


Eventbrite's Britefest
Eventbrite's Britefest

Wardrobe: preppy hipster. light blue and white with Eventbrite orange accents

Eventbrite's Britefest
Eventbrite's Britefest

Wardrobe: preppy hipster. light blue and white with Eventbrite orange accents


Wardrobe: cocktail party chic. pastels, lace, and animal print. Tweet Prompt Theme: "Bold Woman" IPO Party IPO Party

Wardrobe: Urban Chic. White & Grey with black accents.

Figment Arts Festival
Figment Arts Festival

Wardrobe: Tie-dyed T-shirts with "#TweetDance" printed on the back

A/V Club Event
A/V Club Event

Wardrobe: Rock & Roll

Here's what people are saying about #TweetDance:


"#TweetDance is a surefire way to produce an event that is unforgettable, branded, and effectively engaged in social media. As both an event organizer and the manager of a venue, I deal with about 4 events a week, and there is no harder problem to solve in events than finding a social media hook that is both effective and fun. #TweetDance is the perfect solution."

-Ashley Williams, Client Relations & Event Manager, Wix Lounge



"The moment the lights dimmed and #TweetDance performances began at NYC Britefest, I knew I made the right choice in entertainment for the evening! #TweetDance is doing something truly special by merging technology and performance to make art more accessible. Not only that, but it's a fun way to increase engagement at events both online and in-person. Kyla Ernst-Alper and her amazing team are talented, professional, and really know how to facilitate a beautiful and captivating experience!"

-Angela Giacchetti; NYC Marketing Manager, Eventbrite



"Having #TweetDance at our TASTEdaily launch party was absolutely incredible. When I set out to build my launch event, I had the intention of bringing to together a group of talented, smart, vivacious, and bold women. When I met Kyla I knew I had found the missing piece for our event. Kyla and her dancers created a beautiful and modern performance. The guests were enthralled and entertained. I could not have found a better fit for our event. Many thanks to Under One Dances for an unforgettable experience. Everyone needs to experience #TweetDance!"

-Nicole D'Alonzo, Founder, TASTEdaily




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