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Here's what people are saying about #TweetDance:


"#TweetDance is a surefire way to produce an event that is unforgettable, branded, and effectively engaged in social media. As both an event organizer and the manager of a venue, I deal with about 4 events a week, and there is no harder problem to solve in events than finding a social media hook that is both effective and fun. #TweetDance is the perfect solution."

-Ashley Williams, Client Relations & Event Manager, Wix Lounge



"The moment the lights dimmed and #TweetDance performances began at NYC Britefest, I knew I made the right choice in entertainment for the evening! #TweetDance is doing something truly special by merging technology and performance to make art more accessible. Not only that, but it's a fun way to increase engagement at events both online and in-person. Kyla Ernst-Alper and her amazing team are talented, professional, and really know how to facilitate a beautiful and captivating experience!"

-Angela Giacchetti; NYC Marketing Manager, Eventbrite



"Having #TweetDance at our TASTEdaily launch party was absolutely incredible. When I set out to build my launch event, I had the intention of bringing to together a group of talented, smart, vivacious, and bold women. When I met Kyla I knew I had found the missing piece for our event. Kyla and her dancers created a beautiful and modern performance. The guests were enthralled and entertained. I could not have found a better fit for our event. Many thanks to Under One Dances for an unforgettable experience. Everyone needs to experience #TweetDance!"

-Nicole D'Alonzo, Founder, TASTEdaily



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